Dining card menu for Celiac Patients

Have diagnose Celiac Disease and cannot eat gluten.

In gluten, includes all forms of wheat (like maida, daliya, sooji/rawa), barley, rye and oats and all food items made from them. And even very small amount/minute of gluten can make you very ill.

So many questions arise in your mind, what to eat, what not to eat? Should I switch to one wheat chapatti or zero wheat chapatti? But then how I can manage my food, my diet? How can I survive without mom’s made aalu ka paratha, suji ka halwa, tempting aate ke laadu, sevaiya and many more?

So, what now? How do you will manage to have a separate menu for a gluten free diet? Or that menu options will be of full of taste, full of nutrients and able to fulfil all your food cravings?

  • What flours and grains can be safe?

You can have all kind of vegetables, fruits, dals(lentils), rice, milk, egg, nuts, plain meat, spices (please check ingredients for safer side)

Gluten free grains and their flours like raamdana (amaranth), jowar (sorghum), bajra (pearl millet), ragi (finger millet), makka (corn) and kuttu (buckwheat), provided they are certified gluten free or use home Flour Mill to make fresh flour.

  • What are the packaged food products or ingredients which will be used to prepare my meal?

You can use certified gluten free products and cross check from safe list; if not sure, then avoiding is the best option.

  • Who will prepare my meal?

Chef with your instructions.

Could you ensure this while preparing my meal?

Points needs to take care while preparing your meal by chef. Tell Chef during meal preparation:

Don’t use the same utensils used for normal food as there are chances of cross- contamination.

Use a clean and separate chopping board, knife, pan, blender and all other utensils to prepare and serve the dish.

Wipe the cooking surface clean before preparing the meal.

Use fresh batch of oil for cooking or frying and fresh water for preparing pasta or any other item

Do not use any wheat, maida (flour), sooji (semolina) or breadcrumbs. Take special care in the starters, vegetables, gravies, soups, idlis and dosas.

Do not use any pre-prepared gravy, marination or sauces if it has maida or any wheat in it.

Ensure there is no contact with any other food item while preparing my meal.

If you are not sure of any ingredient, please check the alternative or don’t use it.

Also try to ensure that the chef, who prepares gluten free food, he/she serves too.

** Eat-out is not good option for gluten intolerance person, so if do so then surely discuss the food and preparation with the restaurant chef personally and guide him/her properly about your need.

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