Are you diagnosed with Celiac Disease – Newly Diagnosed

Are you diagnosed with Celiac Disease and cannot eat gluten, here is what you have to be careful about…….

Things to avoid or can the food items containing gluten includes all forms of wheat (like maida, daliya, sooji/rawa), barley, rye and oats and all food items made from them. Even a very small amount of gluten can make you sick badly.

So now comes the flood of queries what is left to eat as most of in India have Wheat as the major part of our diet and since ages, wheat as a major or minor ingredient has entered into almost every variety of packed and processed food which is tough to figure out if not aware about reading food labels or understanding the codes used by FSSAI for certain additives or preservatives or thickeners etc.

Thoughts like should we have to be dependent on Rice or what will we be having at the end of the day then with maximum packed or processed foods are dicey.. it is not like that as we been assuming or thinking continuously. We have wide variety of naturally available grains that can easily replace wheat and their derivative products and are healthier and nutritious as well. Grains like Sorghum (Jowar), Bajra, Ragi, are few naturally gluten free options we have.

  • What can we eat safely?

You can have all kind of vegetables, fruits, dals(lentils), rice, milk, egg, nuts, plain meat, jowar, ragi , bajra.

Gluten free grains and their flours like raamdana (amaranth), jowar (sorghum), bajra (pearl millet), ragi (finger millet), makka (corn) and kuttu (buckwheat), provided they are grinned in a dedicated gluten free facility or use home Flour Mill to make fresh flour at home.

Dinning out for gluten free food may or may not be safe as it depends on the understanding of the Chef preparing the food for us. So every time you are dinning out, prefer talking to chef before you order the stuffs and understanding on the usage of safe ingredients for you as per your safe list.

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