Alternative Gluten Free Flours and Grains in India

Food is a necessity of life. But when you diagnose with Gluten Intolerance/Celiac insensitivity, then it takes time to get used to the right kind of food and ingredients. That’s the reason, switching to a gluten-free diet is the biggest challenge.

A portion of Gluten-free food can be frustrating at first glance, but gradually you will find numerous food options you already have in your daily meal are Gluten-free. You just need to sort out, the food options from daily meals, and make a food chart accordingly. Tasty substitutes/alternatives are available in the home and market, only you need to calm down and search your healthy and correct food options.

In India, especially wheat is not the only flour, is available for cooking, but at the same time, wheat flour is the usual popular in Asia, especially in India to make soft chappati, suji ka halwa, and the food list is endless.

List of non-wheat grainsCorn, Seeds flour, Chickpea, Beans, Lentils, Rice, Tapioca, Buckwheat, Millet, Quinoa, Red Rice, Brown Rice, Sago, Sorghum, Soy and many more options you can experiment on your own.

Main Challenge – is to adopt and satisfy the craving of taste buds. Learning how to cook with these different kinds of grains and flour is also the challenge. Going gluten-free learning at home is the best option as in Asian countries like India, you can’t find gluten-free safe options.

Its challenge to discover a new world of tastes and textures. Use the correct portion of flour and grains and experimenting with the tinge of different spices and extra ingredients to make the food, a good eating and healthy option to eat.

Extra precautions need to be kept in mind, to check the ingredients of raising agents available such as baking powder, yeast, raw chocolates, sauces, jams, etc.  As these agents will help in preparing the food with elasticity, taste, and texture.

Points to be kept in mind while purchasing some ready-made food options like cakes, biscuits, pasta, pastries, bread even flour. Always make sure whether the product labeled as “gluten-free” have been packed from the companies known for specialized in gluten-free or certified to Gluten-Free standards. These companies make sure not to use the same machinery to process and packaging the products for gluten-free foods and non-gluten free.

Gluten can be found in food additives like malt flavoring, modified food starch and other kinds of food agents too.

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